Why Haier Inverter AC is the right fit for Multan?

City of Saints, Heaven of Mangoes are the widely known terms used for Multan But “Jin’nay Multan nahi Veykhiya, O Sarya Nai ’ (The Who didn’t visit Multan, Doesn’t know what Burning Feels like) is also used by many to describe the city. That is because Multan is among cities with hottest weather in Pakistan. It has the tendency to reach 50 centigrade in peak summers. Apart from being so warm, it also is the 7th most populated city of the country.

The need of Home Appliances especially the need of AC (Air Conditioners) is rising massively every year. And when it comes to Electronics, Haier is evidently a clear winner. It dominates 32 percent share of Electronics Industry of Pakistan. Multan is among the cities which are very well facilitated by Haier Pakistan. Lets talk about the reasons, why Haier Inverter AC is officially the most sold Air Conditioner in Multan

UPS Enabling Technology

Hence the electricity load shedding issue is still not fixed. Multan is among the cities that still suffer the unexpected electricity break downs. UPS is now a must have for residents and almost every 3rd person in the city does have a UPS at home. Haier’s new UPS Enable Technology is exactly what the consumer needed. The smart monitoring system keeps an eye on the electricity Voltage. 220V are the standard Voltage allocated to every house in Pakistan. So if the Voltage is 220 Haier Inverter Plus keeps working on power mode. If the electricity goes out and the Voltage is Zero. It automatically detects the voltage and switches to UPS power mode for low frequency operation.

Self-Cleaning Inverter Technology

Dust Storm is highly usual part of Multan’s weather. There are more dust storm than Rains in the city. People have to ensure their AC cleaning more than it is usually required. It not only requires extra management and time but also extra money every year to keep the Air conditioners clean Haier Self-Cleaning Technology is a great Fit for the people of South Punjab. It gives consumers the liberty to save Time, Effort and Money. Just by clicking pressing Self Cleaning Button on the Remote. It automatically cleans itself and takes away all the dirt. This also stops the bacterial growth which is now a primary need especially after the Corona (Covid19 ) pandemic


Electronics Product cost plays a pivotal role in buying decision. Haier has managed to upgrade it’s technology and also found ways to reduce cost. Haier Inverter AC prices are structured according to the per capita income on Pakistan. Haier offers the most justified prices as compared to all other home goods brands in Pakistan like PEL, Orient, Dawlance etc. Prices is a big reason why people in Multan chose to buy Haier ACs more.

Authorized Dealership

Haier has set very strict rules for dealership in order to maintain the industry standards. There are number of Authorized Haier Stores in Multan and the company ensures the standards through the unannounced visit to their authorized store. This is another prominent reason of why Haier Home Electronics especially the Air Conditioners are the right Fit for the people of Multan.

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